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Signs & Symptoms of Mania & Hypomania (mild mania)

▪  Exaggerated self-confidence, grandiosity or optimism

▪  Decreased need for sleep without loss of energy

▪  More talkative than usual, having an urgent need to speak

▪  Sense that thoughts are racing

▪  Distractibility and difficulty focusing

▪  Increase in energy and activity levels

▪  Increase in goal-directed activities or in nonproductive activities (pacing, squirming, and so on)

▪  Over-involvement in pleasurable or potentially risky activities (spending sprees, reckless driving, sexual indiscretions, foolish business investments)

PLEASE NOTE: Although most anyone may experience one or more of these signs or symptoms occasionally or briefly, clinical diagnoses are made on the basis of both the number of signs or symptoms exhibited and the length of time they’ve been present.

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Excerpt — Strutting on the Tightrope: Mania and Hypomania


Suppose the tightrope you’ve been walking on suddenly rises, and you find yourself three stories above the floor. While this might frighten a lesser person, you are perfectly at ease. You are in control. Every cell of your being pulses with power. Your sense of everything is “heightened.”

Each fiber of the taut rope stretched before you caresses your flexed arches. As you glide fearlessly across the rope, it dips precariously with your weight. Other people sit far below you. You cannot see their eyes, yet you sense the anxious upward tilt of their faces. You know that sweat drips from their hands while yours remain dry. You can taste their nervousness; it tingles on your tongue. But there’s not a nervous bone in your body. Other people are fearful for your life, but you have no fear. Fear is silly! Fear is for fools! There’s no need to be afraid.

Sure, you may have fallen from the tightrope in the past. You may have plunged into the net repeatedly. But today will be different. You know it, absolutely. Today you will not fall; you won’t so much as slip! Today, you will perform as no one has before. 

You execute a dozen death-defying cartwheels, brushing the rope ever so lightly with your hands. Others were certain you would fall, but you never doubted yourself for a second. You may even try it blindfolded or with your hands behind your back next time!

At long last, your life is working! In your joy, you don’t sense your rope rising higher. You feel such freedom that you think you could fly! But you won’t. Not just yet. It’s time for your surprise finale. Arms outstretched, you perform a series of perfect somersaults. Your admirers rise and go absolutely wild! But, by then, they do so only in your mind.

PLEASE NOTE: This is what mania and hypomania have felt like to me. If you have or had have had similar feelings, you may want to consider seeing a mental health professional yourself.

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