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Signs & Symptoms of Depression

▪  Sadness, emptiness and/or tearfulness

▪  Irritability (especially if a child or an adolescent)

▪  Significantly decreased interest or pleasure in all or nearly all of one’s usual activities

▪  Decreased energy or fatigue

▪  Sleeping significantly more or less than usual

▪  Decreased appetite and weight loss without dieting, or increased appetite and weight gain

▪  Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions

▪  Slowed body movements or increase in actions such as fidgeting, hand wringing or pulling on clothes or hair

▪  Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt

▪  Suicidal thoughts, plans or attempts

PLEASE NOTE: Although most anyone experiences one or more of these signs or symptoms occasionally or briefly, clinical diagnoses are made on the basis of both the number of signs or symptoms exhibited and the length of time they’ve been present.

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Excerpt — Descending into Darkness: Depression


There you are, scampering across your tightrope without a care in the world, when the rope slips suddenly from beneath you. Without warning, you plunge into darkness, nothingness, into a choking void. When you awaken from the impact, you’re in agony, your head throbbing as if your brain’s about to burst. You ache all over but don’t remember why.

A horrific stench fills your nostrils and plugs your every pore. You can’t shut it out. You crave air, but your tortured lungs will not expand. Something is crushing the very life out of you. No matter which way you turn, you can’t slip from its toxic grip. Every move you make sucks you farther down.

A clutching blackness surrounds you. You try to escape, but it’s as if your legs are encased in thick cement. All is darkness, grief, and pain. Tears flow in rivulets from your eyes. The only relief you can imagine is sleep—or, better yet, death. Whatever have you done to deserve this?

Then, you recognize that you’ve been here before. You know the place well. You should have seen this coming. You are such an ass! How many times must you go through this before you get it in your head? You’ve fallen from your tightrope and have landed three stories underground. Once again you’ve confirmed your diagnosis. You and your damned bipolar life.

PLEASE NOTE: When you're depressed your life isn't literally damned. It just feels that way. For your own sake, consider seeing a mental health professional. I spent decades going through deep depressions, and I'd hate for you to waste that much of your life!

For information on Suicide click here.

For information on Mania or Hypomania click here.