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Get That Book Published!

It’s often said that everyone has a book inside them. But few people know the best way to get it out. 

The Updated & Expanded Edition of this book gives readers the inside scoop on:

• Publishing through a traditional book publisher

• Self-publishing a printed book

• Self-publishing an ebook and/or

• Self-publishing an audiobook

This edition, released in July 2019, also adds a new chapter to help writers avoid Internet publishing scams and predators.

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Bipolar Disorder Demystified


Although I'm pretty sure I've been living with bipolar disorder since about the age of five, it went undiagnosed for decades. Recognition of the disorder was too low, and the stigma of a mental illness was too high. 

The painful loss of my oldest sister to suicide planted the seeds for this book, which I began writing even before I was diagnosed with the illness myself in my forties.

Bipolar Disorder Demystified puts the reader in the shoes of a person with the disorder to help others understand what it often feels like. The book provides scientific information in lay language and helps readers manage the challenges that often accompany this illness. 

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Finding Your Bipolar Muse

Finding Your Bipolar Muse is more about using your creativity than it is about mental illness, but it does explore the link between mood disorders and creativity. 

The book encourages and guides creative people, particularly those with depression or bipolar disorder, to tap their talents to build self-esteem, generate income and reclaim their lives. 

It provides advice and inspiration to those who wish to explore their creativity for anything from a hobby to a full-fledged business.  

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Style Meister


I wrote Style Meister with writers, editors and publishers in mind, so the book addresses the ins and outs of publication style. Its design includes instructional information and many pages of customizable worksheets. Style Meister helps its readers produce consistent, professional communications.

Most style guides prescribe one option over another because they are written for very specific markets. This book, however, helps you customize your style for each audience, market, medium, organization, publication, or product.

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Note that Style Meister is no longer in print, but it's still possible to find copies on the Internet. 

Waking Up to Spirit

This book is an anthology containing stories written by members of a multi-session workshop I facilitated in 2013. The workshop guided participants through the many decisions you must face when publishing a book.

The workshop's culmination was a wonderful group author signing and party held at the church that published the book.

I served as the book's editor and also contributed my own story. To read it, click here.

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