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Get That Book Published! Updated & Expanded Edition

Got a book inside you? Great! There’s no better time to get it out. If you’ve never published, don’t know where to start or simply want to explore new options, you’ll find this book invaluable.  It can help you save thousands in publishing costs!

This Updated & Expanded Edition of Get That Book Published! will show you how to successfully navigate today’s publishing "pathways” and will steer you clear of common online scams and predators.

Get the inside scoop on:

• Publishing through a traditional book publisher,

• Self-publishing a printed book through an offset printer, digital printer or print on demand (POD),

• Self-publishing an ebook and/or

• Self-publishing an audiobook.

Get That Book Published! will help you choose the best pathway — or pathways — for your timeline, your budget, your business experience, your quality expectations and your needs for prestige and/or creative control.

This book can help you save thousands in publishing costs!

Now available on  Paperback  Ebook


Praise for Get That Book Published!

“Lana Castle has produced a volume that is jam packed with step-by-step information on how to navigate the bewildering world of publishing. . . . Ms. Castle knows what she's talking about. Aspiring writers can do themselves a favor and jumpstart their careers by following this easy-to-read guide.”

~ Sheila Allee, author of the award-winning My Father's Eyes; Texas Mutiny: Bullets, Ballads and Boss Rule; and Seven Steps to the Podium: A Concise Handbook for Speakers and Speechwrlters

"Get That Book Published! is an extremely informative guide that chronicles the various pathways to get published. From traditional to self-publishing, and . . . ebook and audiobook, Lana Castle spells it all out as she covers every aspect of this mysterious, often crazy business. Don't stumble through it the hard way like I did; save yourself a lot of time and effort by reading this book!

~ Thomas M. Earnhart, author of Mars Base Delta and the Medusa Stone

"Get That Book Published! . . . should be in the hands of every aspiring writer. I highly recommend it!”

~ Edward T. Martin, author of King of Travelers, Jesus' Lost Years in India 

"This book takes a lot of the mystery out of the process of writing and publishing a book. . . . Lana Castle walks you capably through the many decisions an author-to-be faces — all without making it more complicated than it has to be. Clear writing, diagrams, illustrations and concise chapters make this book a valuable field guide for the library of anyone considering writing a book."

~ Patti DeNucci, award-winning author of The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business and The Intentional Networker Collection

“Follow Lana. If you want to be published, she gives you the choices short and sweet. Whether you follow your heart or your pocketbook, this book furnishes direction. . . . Read Get That Book Published! and make the best decision. It doesn’t matter where you are in the writing process. This book is for you.”

~ Sonja Klein, author of Honk If You Married Sonja: The Travels and Essays of Sonja Klein; Ambushed by America: More Wit and Wisdom from Sonja Klein and Saplings, Switched, and Twigs

Get That Book Published! is Now available on

Paperback  Ebook

Bipolar Disorder Demystified


Bipolar Disorder Demystified is one of the first, if not the first, layperson's guide to bipolar disorder (manic depression). The bi portion of the word indicates its two-fold nature from extreme highs (one "pole") to extreme lows (the other "pole"). Depression alone is called unipolar disorder, with uni meaning one. 

This book includes diagnosis, treatments, coping tips and much, much more.

Living with bipolar disorder is extraordinarily challenging — both for those with the disorder and for family, friends and caregivers struggling to understand it and offer their support. For years I couldn't understand why I kept thinking things were finally working well for me (when I was edging toward mania) and then, BAM, I'd fall into a deep, dark depression.

I wrote this book after losing my sister Barbara to suicide. I wanted people to understand what it's like to live with the disorder, at least what it's like from my perspective, for I have only glimmerings of what it was like for Barbara. In the process, I learned much more about the disorder, about others who have or had experiences similar to mine and about ways to better manage — and even thrive — when living a bipolar life.

Praise for Bipolar Disorder Demystified

"I found Bipolar Disorder Demystified extremely informative, thoroughly researched, and most importantly, human. I was still reeling from my diagnosis of bipolar I when I read it. Though my intuition knew the truth of my illness for some time, it is very difficult for me to come to terms with abnormalities of my brain. As I read this book, I felt as though I was sitting with the author over coffee and that she was sharing the gifts of her experience, the treasure of her coping skills. I felt much less alone, less completely crazy. 

 I am thankful for Lana's candor, for her willingness to expose her vulnerability and to shine a light for others to find in the darkness. Her book is truly a labor of love." 

~A reader in Corvallis, Oregon

"I was given the book Bipolar Disorder Demystified by a psychiatrist when my adolescent child was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have recommended it to many people. This was by far the most educational book on this disorder I have ever come across. It was not only instrumental with my dealings with my son but also helped me to realize my own diagnosis. The diary excerpts were as though someone had recorded the thoughts within me. None of the typical documents on signs and symptoms would have joggled my thoughts to connect myself with this disorder. The author’s own personal accounts is what I connected with. 


Bipolar Disorder Demystified is available for sale at, and other online stores. But you can access a free excerpt if you click here

For free info about Mania & Hypomania (mild mania), click here. To access free info about Depression, click here. To access free info about Suicide, click here

Finding Your Bipolar Muse

Finding Your Bipolar Muse encourages readers to use their creative talents, when they have a mood disorder, some other disorder or no disorder at all.

Although applicable to everyone wishing to use their creativity, this book explores the link between creativity and mood disorders. The book encourages and guides "creatives," particularly those with depression or bipolar disorder, to tap their talents, to build self-esteem, to generate income and to reclaim their lives.

The book provides a roadmap for those wishing to explore their creativity for anything from a hobby to a full-fledged business. It includes how to:

•  Find your focus and set realistic goals

•  Make more time for creativity and organize your creative space

•  Hone your skills and locate creative opportunities

•  Manage and promote your projects or performances

•  Collaborate successfully with others

•  Even run your own creative business


Praise for Finding Your Bipolar Muse

"Finding Your Bipolar Muse is a celebration of creative triumph over internal or external suppression of the creative spirit. Lana Castle successfully integrates research and practical guidance to motivate readers to recognize, appreciate, and express their creativity. She provides useful resources for anyone interested in exploring their creative nature." 

~Barry Silverberg, American Creativity Association

Finding Your Bipolar Muse is available for sale online, but to access a free excerpt from the book, click here.

"Lana Castle's book focuses on effectively taking control of one’s life, including the impediments that may be associated with a bipolar condition, for purposes of achieving a more gratifying and financially rewarding career. Castle offers many practical techniques aimed at directing one’s particular creative interests in ways that will work in the workaday world. These aspects of the book will also be of interest to many persons with creative bents who are not bipolar."

~Charles L. Bowden, MD, Nancy U. Karren Professor of Psychiatry University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

Style Meister


Style Meister helps readers customize their writing to fit any audience, market, medium, organization, publication or product they're communicating to, for, or about. 

This book evolved out of my personal frustrations. The concept began to surface when I was working at a desktop publishing bureau. Our company served a large variety of clients: high tech firms, retail stores, colleges, government agencies, nonprofits — all with different style preferences. Like many people, I mistakenly believed that the English language involves absolute "rights" and "wrongs" (though what those rights and wrongs were wasn't always clear). I'd placed my faith in a few well-known authorities, but I soon learned the inadequacy of a "one-size-fits-all" approach to publication style. It simply didn't fit our clients' needs. Everyone had their own style preferences. Exceptions popped up in every project. How could we ever keep on top of such diversity?

We needed tools for identifying style preferences, recording decisions and communicating standards. We needed tools to help us locate answers at a glance. We needed tools to help us organize production information: page layouts, type specifications and special formats. And because style tends to change — even during the life of a single project — we also needed tools we could update easily. . . .

Style Meister offers just those types of tools and is available for sale online. For a free excerpt from Style Meister, click here.

Waking Up to Spirit

As an editor, I'd always wanted to give others the experience — and thrill — of seeing their own story in print. This anthology of spiritual awakenings and transformational journeys is the product of a workshop I gave at Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas. Workshop participants were involved in nearly every aspect of producing this book, including choosing the title, cover image and fonts, but especially in writing their own personal stories. It was delightful to watch their faces when they claimed their role as published authors and autographed their pieces in copies of this book!

Waking Up to Spirit includes the story of my own spiritual transformation as a member of the first church in which I truly felt at home. The book is available for sale online, but you can read my contribution, "From Despair to Gratitude," free of charge. Click here.