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My mission is to help transform the mental health of everyone on the planet.

No biggie there, huh? Of course, I'm not doing this alone.

I'm the author of Bipolar Disorder Demystified and other books. I've lived with bipolar disorder for at least 60 years, although it wasn't diagnosed for quite some time. Recognition of the disorder was too low, and the stigma of a mental illness was too high. 

Many of my family members have or have had psychiatric challenges as well — some diagnosed, some not. And, unfortunately, my immediate family suffered the pain of losing my oldest sister to suicide.

By sharing what I've learned over the past few decades, I hope you and your loved ones will be spared some of the challenges and heartaches that accompany mental illness. And I hope you all will be empowered to achieve Optimal Mental Health!


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My New Assignment

Although I'd been a successful writer and editor since the 1980s, the past few years I'd thought I was retired. Apparently I wasn't. In September 2018 I was urged to write another book. The book was meant to help transform the mental health not only of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder but of everyone on the planet — everyone! 

Does that sound a tad, well — manic? Or at the very least, rather egotistical? Both my psychiatrist and my therapist of more than twenty years say, No, it really doesn't. They seem quite confident about my capabilities. (I must admit I wasn't all that certain I could handle it myself. Besides, I'd thought I was retired!)

About a day after being encouraged to take on this assignment, I got over my initial resistance and resolved take it on. Let me reassure us both once more that I'm not taking this on alone. Many other people are contributing to the cause. 

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